For Pina I had a different role then usual. I was technical consultant for stereoscopic recording. That task was a tough one. At the time planing principal shooting of Pina digital cinema cameras where not really able to sync to each other. So we went for Sony cameras (Sony CineAlta HDC-1500, Sony HDCP1, Sony PMW-EX3) and recorded them on dual deck HDCam SR and a Codex server system. The rig in theater was huge. The Codex server system allowed a fast reviewing of footage. It was hooked into a IRIDAS Speedgrade. Especially during the test shoot of 3 days that setup and a stereo projection on set help a lot get things going. Another challenge was the huge amount of footage which was shot. The performance was hot in whole, which led to takes 60 mins long and sometimes even longer. It was a great experience being part of the first live action stereo shoot in Germany. Pina already won European Film Awards and  German Film Award in Gold and is now nominated for BAFTA and last but not least the Oscar.


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