5 weeks from start

Reef Bay

I can’t belief it, but 5 weeks passed since I arrived in Wellington. And I must say i really like it so for. The land is very beautiful and people here are nice and relaxed. The weather is not to bad. Winter seems like a bad German summer down here. 🙂 And living that close to the sea even a rainy and stormy day can give you a stunning view.

Work is pretty good so far. People at Weta are nice and seems like there is a lot of knowledge exchange inside the team. I started together with some cool people and we are all sitting together which is good, as we all share our informations we just got about Weta pipeline etc.  After having a pretty smooth start it is picking up now. Because of the lately published change from 2 to 3 films of  The Hobbit, shots where shuffled quite a lot. At the end I have 2 new sequences with a bunch of new shots and even 2 trailer shots. I will post the new trailer here, when it is released. I learned a lot already and more to come. The team I joined, with its Supes, Leads and all the others are good and nice guys. I really like the fact, that you can ask questions without feeling like an idiot. People act like a team and help each other. There a heaps of experienced guys down here and everybody’s experience is different. So you get a large pool of knowledge and no question remains unanswered.  So far my expectations where met and even more.

The only thing that is missing is my loved family. Counting the day till they come down here (t -38).

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Comic Con Poster

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