The Hobbit Trilogy

So I guess when you see the following on your schedule homepage at work:


you are done!

My personal journey to Middle Earth is finally over and I am back in my hole with my lovely wife and my 2 boys. What can I say – it was an epic ride! And when I say I gave blood, sweat and tears it is not overacted. My family and especially my wife who came with me to the other end of the world I owe my deepest respect, gratitude and love as they left everything behind to join me full filling my dream.


When I was in the cinema back in the days watching Lord of the Rings I told a lot of people, that if they would do the Hobbit at some point I will be in New Zealand working on it. And now it is done. I worked on all three of them. Met and worked with top notch people in our industry. Made some new friends and lost a couple I guess.


I learned a lot! Not only in my job. I guess even more outside the “office” world. What happens when you leave the comfort zone of your home country. For the job side of things – thanks to all the people who shared their knowledge with me. As some would not like to see their names on the internet I will not name them. But I am pretty sure if they read this they know who they are!


E rave rahi whakawhetai (many thanks)